Review of New Songs in 2019

Today I’m spending some time wrapping up 2019; updating the song list for the last time, making a new song list for 2020, reorganizing my planning notebook and generally just getting ready for a new year.

In going through our song list from this year, I wanted to take note of the new songs we added this year and think through how they added to our services and how I’ll be using them in the coming year.  I was surprised to realize I only added three new songs this year. Part of that is because I’m picky about what songs we sing (finding new songs with good theology and musicality is challenging) and part of that is because I’ve learned more about what works and what doesn’t for our congregation.

The Lord is My Salvation – the first new song of the new year. I think it was well-received. I love the words of this song but it may be over-ambitious in terms of its vocal range.  We will still sing it in 2020 but I probably won’t have it in heavy rotation.

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me – one of two new songs we’re singing by CityAlight. I love the way they’re writing modern, singable hymns for the church that don’t require a full band to do well.  This song works well right before the sermon or as a closing/sending song.

Only A Holy God – probably my favorite new song from this year.  Praising God for who He is and all He has done for us.  Just beautiful! And it was perfect during December as well.

New songs from other years that are still going strong:

10,000 Reasons – it hardly counts as a new song anymore and I try not to overuse it but it doesn’t seem to have gotten old yet.

God Evermore

His Mercy is More

Lord, I Need You – we rarely sing the bridge anymore but it’s a great song of surrender and submission.

Unbroken Praise

We Will Feast In the House of Zion

What was your favorite song this year? Did I forget your favorite?

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