New Song Poll

Edited to add: The poll is closed. Thanks to all who voted. 
Recently, two very different artists released very similar songs. Two great songs: both with a similar message and a very similar musical feel. I love to listen to them both but they both can’t go in the song rotation at church at the same time. So how about a quick poll?

I’ve included videos for both BUT the production quality of the sound and videos is very different. As far as it’s possible, don’t let that influence you, because this will be used as a congregational song with piano. I would also love to hear from you in the comments below. Why did you choose that song? Lyrics? Melody? Artist? Looking forward to your feedback!

My Soul Longs for the Lord – Getty

My Soul Longs for Jesus – Planetshakers


5 thoughts on “New Song Poll

  1. Not overly impressed by either one. Couldn’t get Getty song on blog; had to go to YouTube to hear it. I think Planetshakers song may be easier to sing. Hard to compare without seeing words side by side.


  2. The melody in the Planetshakers song is more intuitive, easier for people to learn and sing. The Getty song does not soar as much with the drop in the chorus, and the lyrics have too many cliches.


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