Sunday Song — Speak O Lord

Another great song by Getty & Townend as sung by Kristen Getty

Speak, O Lord as we come to You
To receive the food of Your holy word
Take your truth, plant it deep in us
Shape and fashion us in Your likeness.
That the light of Christ might be seen today
In our acts of love and our deeds of faith
Speak O Lord and fulfill in us
All Your purposes for Your glory.

Teach us Lord full obedience
Holy reverence, true humility
Test our thoughts and our attitudes
In the radiance of Your purity
Cause our faith to rise, cause our eyes to see
Your majestic love and authority
Words of power that can never fail
Let the truth prevail over unbelief.

Speak O Lord and renew our minds
Help us grasp the heights of Your plans for us
Truths unchanged from the dawn of time
That will echo down through eternity
And by grace we’ll stand on your promises
And by faith we’ll walk as you walk with us.
Speak O Lord ’til your church is built
and the earth is filled with your glory.

Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright 2006 Thankyou Music

Isaiah 66:1-2
Thus says the Lord:
“Heaven is my throne,
    and the earth is my footstool;
what is the house that you would build for me,
    and what is the place of my rest?
All these things my hand has made,
    and so all these things came to be,
declares the Lord.
But this is the one to whom I will look:
    he who is humble and contrite in spirit
    and trembles at my word.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Song — Speak O Lord

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