Sunday Song — For Those In Peril On the Sea

This post is a departure for me because this isn’t a song I plan on singing in church.  I turned on NBC yesterday to catch up on the olympics and they had a story by Tom Brokaw about London and World War II. As part of the story, he detailed how Winston Churchill worked to persuade Franklin Roosevelt to join in the fight.  Churchill and Roosevelt had a secret summit in Newfoundland and according to Brokaw, Churchill knew that in order to convince Roosevelt, Churchill would have to touch Roosevelt’s heart.  He did this by having a church service at which they sang hymns. It was a powerful time and they connected in a way they hadn’t before then.

Music has the power to touch our hearts and bind us together.  When we sing songs as a congregation, we affirm that we believe the words we’re singing together — that we share a common faith.

Here’s a link to an article and Churchill’s description of the service.

Here’s the hymn “For those In Peril on the Sea” (also known as “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”).


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