Sunday Song — My Song is Love Unknown

The words of the original hymn were written as a poem by Samuel Crossman (c. 1624-83) in his book, The Young Man’s Meditation, or Some Few Sacred Poems upon Select Subjects, and Scriptures. The tune was later written by John Ireland (1879-1962). Robin Mark updated the song for his recording, Revival in Belfast 2, adding verses which make it less of a narrative poem and more of a song reflected on Jesus’ sacrificial love and our response.


Here are the updated verses:

My song is love unknown;
The Savior’s love for me,
Love to the loveless shown that they might lovely be;
For who am I, that in my place
My Lord should take frail flesh and die.

My song is love unbound,
For love has conquer’d death,
And love the vict’ry won in this, His parting breath;
For with the cry that all is done
Vain darkness fell before the Son.

My song is love enthroned,
Where angel voices raise
To magnify the Son and sing the Father’s praise;
So shall I stand, in glorious throng
And add my praises to that song.

Words: Samuel Crossman (v. 1), Robin Mark (v. 2, 3)
Music: John Ireland

You can read the original words here.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Song — My Song is Love Unknown

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